July 10, 2020

6 Most Valuable Data Science Certifications in 2019

You can be a mediocre data science professional by sitting in front of your computer. And why not? The job descriptions revolve around poring through huge datasets to derive actionable insights from it – that later prove helpful for every business function including human resources, marketing, or logistics.

But wait.

Is that what great data scientists do? The answer is no.

They identify that there are quality and nuances factors in the data that they can’t comprehend while sitting at their benches. They recognize that the digital era is filled with the so-called ‘soft data’, sounds, tastes, relevant sights, textures, and smells that are not digitized yet – and are therefore unavailable to people working in a confined space with limited knowledge. They understand the real problems, opportunities, the larger context, how decision makers’ functions and how their predictions can be leveraged.

 A good data science professional knows – the only way to use this smorgasbord of data is to go get it.


Here’s how you can be one of the superheroes who are responsible to protect data –

With the demand of data scientists expected to grow around 28% by 2020, there’s a huge mismatch in supply & demand of data science professionals. While data science requires networking, an inquisitive mind, curiosity, intelligence, technical know-hows and what-not, a savior out there helps budding data scientists with all the essential skills they need.

Yes, you got me right.

Professional certifications not only help you master the existing data science skills, they provide a third-party and tangible proof of your competencies. In the data-driven world where professionals are evaluated in terms of how updated their skills are, any time is considered a good time to acquire a data science certification.


1) AWS

Aspiring data scientists can give a boost to their career with AWS data science certifications that will help them build credibility & reliability, by validating their capabilities with a reputed industry-recognized credential. Organizations require data science professionals to lead their AWS cloud initiatives in data science & machine learning. AWS holding a 47.8% in the IaaS public cloud services market, is a proof of the demand of AWS certified ML & Big Data professionals required by the industry.


DASCA builds, researches, and designs vendor-neutral data science certifications founded on the most robust data science frameworks across the globe. DASCA offers 6 certifications including ABDE, SBDE, ABDA, SBDA, SDS, and PDS focusing on big data engineering, big data analytics, and data scientists respectively.


Cloudera is regarded one of the best certifications for expertise in Hadoop. Covering a wide range of development and administration skills, Cloudera offers five primary certifications including- CCA Data Analyst, CCP Data Engineer, CCA Administrator, and CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer.


Hortonworks offers certifications by evaluating the performance of candidates based on the hands-on assignments and examinations. Six major certifications offered by the Hortonworks comprise – HDP Certified Developer, Hortonworks Certified Associate, Hortonworks Data Flow Certified NIFI Architect, HDP Certified Administrator, HDP Certified Apache Spark Developer, and HDP Certified Java Developer.  

5) IBM

Designed exclusively for professionals, right from the entry-level to advanced-level, the unique range of certifications offered by IBM are based on the job roles of the candidates- to fit the professional needs as well. It offers 2 certifications in the data science sphere- IBM Certified Data Architect and IBM certified Data Engineer.

6) Dell EMC

The EMC Proven Professional Data Scientist Associate (EMCDSA) certification from Dell EMC offers data science expertise and hands-on approach to professionals about the advanced software, tools and techniques required to work in tandem with the constantly evolving field of big data analytics. 

Great data science professionals know that the mission is to find out the solutions for the real-world issues. They leverage data to do the same, but they certainly don’t stop there. If you’re planning to be one of them, make sure you learn all that you can about data! Good Luck!

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